Rough Linen Napkins 20x20

If you know have noticed I maaaay be addicted to beautiful linens. I love the look, the feel and I use them every day!

parchment paper sheets

Parchment Paper Sheets

I can't live without these little beauties. I use them for all my baking, roasting, and even my party prep. It makes clean up super simple and nothing sticks...ever! Love.



A must have for healthy hacks! I have tried a few but I finally found this one. I love it!  I can spiralize a zucchini in 30 seconds and it's easy to clean. 

Serving Boards

Serving Boards

These are my original designs! I love to serve cheese, appetizers and desserts on them! My friends started asking me to make more, so here they are. Contact me for info, they are all custom made by moi!

Boos Cutting Board

Boos Cutting Board - Walnut

My favorite cutting boards....just lovely.                                         

Le Creuset Dutch Oven.png

Le Creuset Dutch Oven_ 7 1/4 quart

I know, I know...they are so expensive... but they are the BEST for all type of cooking. It goes straight  into the oven and the cast iron keeps cooking temperatures even. Annnnnd, they hare a lifetime warranty!

four sack

Flour Sack Dish Towels

I can not have enough of these dish towels. They remind me of my grandmother and that makes me smile.  I use them for everything from drying dishes to lining bread baskets, wrapping gifts and I even give them as gifts.  You can find them a lot of places...but I'm lazy and usually order on line.

Wusthof 8" Chef Knife

Wusthof 8" Chef Knife

Everyone always asks what chefs knife I use.  Well here it is.  I've owned tones of knives, some even cooler looking:)...but this one holds the edge the best. He's my baby.                                       

BTW, I also teach knife skills classes, just contact me for details.


Lemon Lime Juicer

I only use fresh lemon juice.. (it really makes a BIG difference).  This lemon juicer makes it so easy to juice a lot of lemons.  I like this brand because it has lasted a lot longer then my previous ones!


Deli Containers

I use these all the time....and now I never worry about getting my containers back!  They are cheap and come in several sizes. They are Leak Proof, Airtight, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, BPA free, no phthalates or toxic additives. Ina Garten got me hooked on these.  You're welcome!                                     

Pasta roller with dough.png

Marcato Atlas Pasta Roller

Made in Italy from stainless steel; includes Pasta Roller, hand crank, clamp, complete instructions and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.  I've tried several but these are the best.  They are the ones I purchased for my pasta making classes.   You can also buy the cutter attachments if you'd like. 

Oval Au Gratin Baking Dishes, Rarebit 9.25-Inch.png

Oval Au Gratin Baking Dishes

I LOVE serving in the individual Oval Au Gratin Baking Dishes.  I use them for pastas, fish dishes, gratins etc.  Super cute.