Whipped Ricotta

Whipped Ricotta

Here’s a little secret, I don’t always make everything from scratch. Give yourself a break and take a little help from the grocery store when you in a rush...theeen just add your love, magic, and style.

Here I had a tub of store-bought Ricotta..which btw, isn’t my favorite on its own so I added a bit of honey (OMG…those were my favorite when I was a kid…do you remember those candies in the waxed paper? I wonder if they still make them….yuuummm)

annnyway, where was I??

Oh yeah, I added honey, fresh thyme, sea salt, and olive oil. The olive oil makes the not-so-smooth store-bought ricotta creamy and decadent. I put it all in the mixer and whipped it up. Done.

I also wanted to serve this deliciousness with something fresh and healthy, so I went to the market and found the prettiest veg I could. I also added a pile of Cervasi Bruschetta for a bit of crunch. And there you have it beautiful and easy:)