A little ditty from my Herbs 101 class!

lauren basil

Don't you hate it when your herbs go bad in the fridge before you can use them?  It can drive a girl nuts.  Well friends often ask me why their herbs don't last very long...and it's usually beacuse you may be storing them in a way the little guys don't like;)  I have created a simple guide to hopefully help you and your poor little herbs live a long meaningful life!

Why do fresh herbs make me so happy?  mmmmm...basil I luv you!  I guess it's the little things.  

basil table setting

I even love using herbs around in the house just like I would flowers. Here in this place setting, I have a rosemary sprig on the appetizer plate, but look the big bunch of basil in the vase too. All ready for pesto...but looking beautiful in the meantime.

Oh...here is my pesto recipe if your in the mood:)