Easy Roasted Tomato Soup


What??? It's still cold outside! I woke up and it's 32° and it's April … how can that be??

Welp, today I will be making a big batch of this roasted tomato soup to warm my soul…and you just might wanna whip up a batch too. This soup is awesome because it still tastes fresh and springy, but yet warm and comforting on this chilly little day. Also, roasting tomatoes in delicious olive oil (Cervasi of course) brings out and intensifies the tomato-y goodness….and can even make those winter store bought tomatoes delicious!

Easy roasted tomato soup

The basil adds a nice bit of freshness too… which I LOVE. You can also add a bit of cream at the end to make a tomato cream soup…ummm hellooo….yes please! I’ll give you all the tips and tricks on the recipe, so take a look , or share with you soup loving friends;)