Brine that Turkey Baby!

My friends and family always ask...why is my turkey always so moist.  I say...awe thx...then I tell them it's all in the brine.  This one extra step makes all the difference in the world. It's not hard..but sometimes confusing on the ratio of the simple ingredients....soooo I've put together a brining guide...just in time for the Holidays....but you will use it ALLLLL year long!

thx turkey.png

Mixed Berry Sangria

Perfect for the long holiday weekend!

This is great for a holiday gatherings because you can make it in advance and it's ready to serve when friends and family come over.  In season, fresh and delicious!  Note: if making it in advance, use wine instead of a bubbly...otherwise your bubbles will be not so bubbly after sitting in the fridge:)