Orzo "Risotto"...you heard me.

Orzo Risotto Butternut

I love traditional risotto.  It's made with Arborio rice and is truly a labor of love.  It takes 35-45 minutes and you need to stay near your stove the entire time to carefully stir in each cup of warm broth. 

I’m not however a huge fan of restaurant risotto, which they par-boil the rice and finish later when it's ordered by you:).  Although I LOVE risotto done right, I’m not a fan of thick, sticky par-cooked versions served at restaurants.  SO I wanted something that had the creamy, cheesy rich flavor risotto is so known for, but wanted to create something more conducive to quick meals and of course entertaining.

Cervasi Ingredients for Orzo Risotto

Enter…Orzo “Risotto”.  Orzo is a cute little rice shaped pasta. Replacing the rice with Orzo pasta, (Cervasi if you’re in KC:) made this dish way less labor intensive but still incredibly creamy, cheesy and oh so versatile.  This is a perfect side-dish or paired with a salad it’s a meal on its own. It is also great when other ingredients are added to it, like roasted vegetables, chicken or really anything. This time of year I like to add a bit of butternut squash, omg…just.so.good.  

Shredded Parmesan
orzo risotto

So whip up a batch…and let me know what you think. I think you’re gonna love love love i