Pasta & Sauce Pairing Guide

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My husband frequently grumbles about dinner out when I want to go to my favorite Italian restaurant. Insert eye roll. He says “why would I want to pay $20.00 for a plate of spaghetti when you make it so much better at home?”  Awe, super sweet, and maybe he has a point!  There are a few tips and tricks about paring and cooking pasta that simply take pasta to the next level.

Pasta Bologanese

Over this past year, I’ve had the joy of collaborating with Cervasi, Kansas City Italian food importers. This has exposed me to a vast range of pasta types and pushed me to explore the sauces that highlight these beautiful varieties of pasta.

pasta puttanesca

So, I thought to myself, this is a thing worth exploring!  Pasta is at its heart a thing of simplicity.  It is basically flour and water.  These, my friends, are not complex ingredients.  Pasta makers have a rich history in understanding what makes a great pasta and how each shape pairs to its perfect complement (or sauce).  Cervasi creates pasta with 100% durum wheat semolina flour which is a very traditional flour for pasta.  It adds a heartiness and texture that will help a variety of sauces cling to the noodles.  It’s also frequently used in dried pasta because it’s an essential ingredient in ensuring the pasta retains its shape as it is cooked. No one wants a flat rigatoni…am I right? 

Cerasi Pasta Cuts

Soooooo, let’s get to it! Let’s explore the different pasta shapes and the most recommended sauce pairings to ensure the perfect bite…..the perfect balance of noodle to sauce.

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I’ve included:

  • Which pasta pairs well with every type of sauce.

  • Cooking tips to ensure your pasta will turn out perfect every time.

  • Serving tips so you can enjoy your bowl, I mean “plate” of pasta, just like the Italians.

  • I even threw in the Italian Pronunciation so you can sound super cool and Italian like:)

Buon appetito!

This post was graciously sponsored by KC local importer of Italian foods, Cervasi. Shop local, eat pasta:)

PS Cervasi also has several great recipes here! Just click on a pasta type, and it will take you several perfect recipes. Sweet huh?