It's my first.....but not my last!

Cook Once, Eat all Week-Meal Guide

Cook Once Eat All Week.jpg

It took me longer then I thought, but I've FINALLY completed my first Meal Plan! YAAAY!!! 

I'm actually ok with the timing since it's usually by mid-February that I'm needing that liiiitle boost to get my diet back on track.  This will definitely help ensure you have healthy meals on the ready!  I'd love your feedback....on typos and content...HA HA!  But seriously, I'll be designing more guides and I want to make them as beneficial as possible. Oh, and please feel free to share!

xx, Lauren  

About last night....

We had an absolute blast at the PopUp dinner last night!  I loved getting to know new people, and hearing strangers becoming friends over good food and wine!  I just don't think there is anythign better!


The menu created for this one-time event was delicious.  We had a mix of savory and sweet as we made our way through seafood salads, homemade pasta, Sous Vide pork tenderloin with cherry compote and a creamy Panna Cotta to finish things off!  Hello....yum!?! 

I have just added a new PopUp dinner to the calendar.  Take a look at the classes and events page.  xc, Lauren

New Class!

Knife Skills 101

Oh gosh....I SOOOO remember when I was a newbie in the kitchen I would think..."OMG!!, I'm butchering this onion!!"....there HAS to be a better way!  And thankfully, there is.  Make your time in the Kitchen even more enjoyable by honing your Knife Skills!

Butternut Cut.png

Simple ingredients gone amazing!

When entertaining, I love to take simple ingredients and make them exceptional!  It's easy, unexpected and uniquely delicious!  These grapes are so yummy.  I just marinated them in white wine, a bit of sugar and lemon peel...and OMG...they become ahhhhmazing!  Garnish with a few fresh herbs because, makes everything look beautiful!

Marinated grapes.JPG

Click the button below for even more simple ideas!  Happy Entertaining my Friends!

A Beautifully Festive Cocktail!

How beautiful is this?? It's super festive and delicious...and the best part is you can prep it in advance so entertaining is a breeze. (or you can make it and sip it while watching a Christmas Move alone...equally as fun... don't ask me how I know:)

Prosecco Craberry Royale.png

Tis the Season....!  ENJOY!  

VirGINia Pine Cocktail

I created this pretty little cocktail for a Holiday PopUp dinner I hosted last weekend.  It got rave reviews, so I thought I'd share it with you. I have added make-ahead tips and how to serve it at your holiday party!  Cheers!  xxx L


Eight Minute Peanut Brittle!

Sounds good right?   It's a tradition in our home...AND It's an old secret family recipe...whoops:)   


This makes awesome gifts and it's great for all the holiday gatherings......Oooooorrrr while sitting and typing a blog's just too good to pass up.  trust

Brine that Bird Baby!

Tips & Typos!

My friends and family always ask...why is my poultry always so moist.  I say...awe thx...then I tell them it's all in the brine.  This one extra step makes all the difference in the world. It's not hard..but sometimes confusing on the ratio of the simple ingredients....soooo I've put together a brining guide...just in time for the Holidays....but you will use it ALLLLL year long!

thx turkey.png