Lauren Lane

After 25 years in creative design and management with Hallmark Cards, Lauren Lane retired to pursue her lifelong passion for food and entertaining. The ensuing years have been an amazing educational journey as she pursues her dream of helping people appreciate food more fully, and enjoying how it brings people together.

She has a passion for ideation which is expressed through her original content, recipes, blog, beautiful photography and story telling. Her authenticity shows through her voice as she genuinely enjoys engaging with her audience.

So over the last few years she began cooking a lot. She’s been focused on entertaining, hosting Popup dinners, recipe development and teaching classes at the Kansas City Culinary Center and in her home. All this enables her to expand her brand; allowing her to build collaborations with companies like Cervasi, a Kansas City Italian food purveyor.

So, with her faithful pup by her side, she creates great food, and serves her family, friends, and those new to her table. Her passion around coming together, slowing down, and connecting is contagious.  She continues to experiment with how to make food more delicious, more approachable and share the experience more fully with her audience.

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