My name is Lauren...Lo Lo to some...and I'm super glad you're here!

Let’s face it…you hit an age and just realize life is unpredictable and all too short.  Well…when my life started to get crazy, I realized I wanted to pause and take a little more time to celebrate more of life’s everyday moments.

So over the last few years I began celebrating more often than not, the big days and the every days…. and it felt really good.

My friends loved the gatherings and wanted to join the fun, but they started to ask, “how do you cook and entertain so effortlessly?"….so I decided to share through a series of cooking classes and dinner parties all my little tricks.  My friends ate it up, literally and that really warmed my heart. Now, I want to expand the experience to you and provide you the tips and inspiration to gather in your home.  Nothing brings friends and families together like great food and great gatherings…so sign up on my blog, slow down, enjoy life and gather around the table. I’ll show you how.

About me??….well…I'm a kinda naive laid-back redhead.  I believe in healthy food and moving….until I don’t:) I love Prosecco, but I also like a really cold beer.   I live in my favorite faded denim but dress it up with amazing sparkling earrings.  I LOVE to travel but I'm peaceful and happy being at home in Kansas with my constant kitchen companion, my pup Bodean. 

And finally, I soooo enjoy long dinners surrounded by old friends and, let's be friends.

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